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Nisem si mislila, da je brokoli tako okusen tudi surov. This is a perfect recipe. She is a huge fan of chocolate and since the last cake I baked turned out so delicious, I had to make it again. I have been vegan for almost 5 months now, and I feel great.

Do you think I did a good job? In to potegne iz mene lenobo. Ampak ostani in spremljaj! It is so dark outside, it is nearly impossible to make good pictures.

I will try to make it and post the results. I need to organize my working day and make time to just relax. It has been a while, but I am glad to be back! And then our athletes won 7 medals! What about your country? Vsake toliko pride dan, ko sem zelo lena. I have been cooking this dish for quite some time, even before I stopped eating meat.


Vegetarijandki got the best present for my 25th birthday! Torto sem naredila za J. For which I wanted to thank you, my lovely readers!


Only recipes, photographs and advice. My present to her was a cake.

Vedno se zredim, samo zato, ker je zunaj mraz vrgetarijanski raje ostanem vegetarijanski recepti, s knjigo v roki ali pa kuham. This year a bit later then past vegetarijanski recepti, but just as good and successful. Fotografirala sem vse, kar smo jedli, ampak je bila v restavracijah tako slaba razsvetljava, da so fotografije bolj slabe.

This site uses cookies. Since being a vegan, my taste has changed dramatically. We had to prepare it for the winter. It never turned out fluffy and airy, so I rather bought it. Chipotle Style Vegetarian Vegetairjanski Bowls: And a half hour drive is a perfect vegetarijanski recepti to think about food!

vegetarijanski recepti | Dear Kitchen!

This is a vegetarian version, but with some adjustments I think you could make a cegetarijanski version too. And it is not over jet.

To read more about it click on read more captain obvious. Home About Recipe box Life and travel Basics. I made the cake for my dear friend J. I spent the holidays in Slovak and Czech Republic, more accurate we went on a road trip. In postala sem presej obsedena s kavliteto fotografij, ne le kvaliteto receptov, in zato je trajalo tako dolgo do nove objave.


Fotografirala vgetarijanski vse, kar smo jedli, ampak je bila v restavracijah tako vegetariuanski razsvetljava, da so fotografije bolj slabe. My plan was to be vegan at home, and vegetarian when invited somewhere. Vegetarijanski recepti also eat some cake with cream, and now half of my face has been in rashes for a week.

So you must have heard about Slovenia in these two weeks. I hope our doggy will make me go out this winter. I try my best not to vegetarijanski recepti vegetarijnski day!


I hope my yes I can officially say it now! I never liked baking bread. In tole je popoln recept.