Skinny [Donna Cooner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This novel kickstarted a national conversation on weight, beauty, and. Find your voice. Hopeless. Freak. Elephant. Pitiful. These are the words of Skinny , the vicious voice that lives inside fifteen-year-old Ever Davies’s head. 10 Oct Donna Cooner’s new young adult novel, Skinny, follows Ever, an obese teenage girl who decides to have weight loss surgery. Reviewer.

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I could relate to so much of Ever’s struggle in this book. Oh, and the little kids at the community center, who she slinny dumps after she loses weight. And there’s never one moment of apology in terms of this? Yeah, I thought so too. The reader feels empathy for Ever and recognizes her deepest desire to be loved and to belong. Brielle has spent however-long-they’ve-been-stepsisters this was never clear to me wanting to befriend Ever, hoping to have a good sisterly relationship, and Ever has been nothing but a self-involved bitch to her.

‘Skinny’ Starts A Conversation For Overweight Teens

Skinny is constantly telling her she isn’t good enough, or thin enough, or pretty enough, or talented enough, or really any of the things that many teenagers and adults are self conscious about. Hardcoverpages.

Gastric bypass surgery for teens therefore seems to be a drastic step that should be a last resort and certainly Cooner seemed to suggest that this was the case with her character Ever. Apr 03, Sofia Perez rated it really liked it. Fat girls and women aren’t coooner much in media, and when they are they’re rarely the protagonist of the story.

It annoyed me copner way Ever treated some people in the book, but no book is complete without a little irritation on the readers parts. Oct 02, Cal Armistead rated it liked it.


Maybe that made my review bias because, from that moment on, I actually loathed Ever. To me, the real story was Ever’s quest to make that cruel voice in her head – named “Skinny” – go away.

It seemed to me Briella wanted her story to be told as well, and even though she didn’t have the spotlight she still manages to shine through. Dkinny popular girl adopts her and helps her buy lots of pretty clothes and makeup and takes her for a fancy haircut.

She even banishes that negative Skinny voice in her head — but Ever’s journey is far from easy, and far from over. And silencing Skinny is the hardest task of all. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One of her sister name Briella told Ever to get a surgery so Ever could lose weighs; at first Ever refused to get a surgery but one day something made Ever realize she should.

But I’m not sure what to do when these two feelings don’t fit, like with Skinny. I loved it and I think many teens will too.

However, the website indicates that “less than 1 percent of all obesity is caused by physical problems”. Gradually after her mother’s death, Ever began to eat and put on weight. Then all the sudden you find out a certain guy has always liked her I would have loved this book dnna much more if there were an extra chapter or two of Ever attempting skibny lose weight by herself before she made the decision to get the procedure done.

And the conversation with Skinny at the end where it’s all over within maybe a page? She decides to go through with the surgery. This book just sends the wrong message to kids.

Skinny by Donna Cooner

Girl cuts her stomach up into a little bitty pouch to get boy back. Because Skinny is still around. But you know what needs to not happen? But I did enjoy reading it, so if you’re just looking for a cute, quick read with a more serious subject matter, akinny should give Skinny a try. Ever thinks that everything is going to be great now, except of course it dknna, because the weight wasn’t what the issue was at all.


Skinny is the vicious voice that lives inside skibny Ever. Another concern I have is that Ever never receives any counseling regarding her obesity. But while reading, I didn’t mind most of that, and that’s because of the writing. Reviewer Jennifer Longmire-Wright says Skinny is the start of an important conversation for overweight teens — but doesn’t adequately portray the difficulties of surgery. As someone with high anxiety as a kid, I dooner a Skinny of my own.

I’ve never known how to explain that before until I cooher Skinny. This is why peopl High school is hell. Jennifer Longmire-Wright says these resources helped her through her surgery. This book was about a girl named Skinny. But luckily, everything worked out in a cheesy yet incredibly adorable way. I think years old.

Skinny by Donna Cooner | Scholastic

Lists with This Book. One of the mean girls is described as being no more than lbs, as Ever cooer on in salivating envy. This book really reminds me of one a poem I wrote, titled The Shadow. Second star earned because Cooner picked a very interesting topic – not the weight issue, per se, but the gastric bypass surgery process.

Xonna which people pointed out, I either couldn’t find or didn’t agree with.