Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AS at Engineering Buy SAE AS Identification Marking Methods from SAI Global. Style Manual is to improve consistency in SAE Aerospace Technical Reports and , specified by a selected marking method from AS, indicating by a local.

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Electrochemical Etching MP, Rev. Are the parts for internal use or do you send them out to customers? Specifications are detailed documents that mandate specific marking instructions, tolerances and parameters such as depth, location, and marking methods. AB Collins Radio Co. For permanent marking of small- and medium-sized pieces, whether a single part or mass production.

Aerospace Component Marking & Traceability – SAE AS – Engines, Airframes, Landing Gear

What has your company done in the past? Lord knows, SW can be a tough sell for some. Thank you very much. Information on aerospace marking specs: Jet engine and airframe components Landing gear Data plates, nameplates and tags Helicopter, airplane and other aircraft components. J Vacco Q. This note was agreed upon by Engineering and QA.


Part Identification | SOLIDWORKS Forums

This library display is only intended to show the extent of diversity available provided by Universal Metal Marking Co. BenchDot Bench-Top Dot Peen Marking System Compact, versatile bench-top solution for as47 marking on small- to medium-sized components including irregular shapes.

How you mark may be dictated by the manufacturing process and the equipment you have to do the marking. Then you can add the block your Design Library.

Aerospace Component Marking & Traceability

R McDonnell Douglas Req. I hope you all are fluent in barcodes and data matrices. New HP Rev.

Go to original post. Michael, I was unaware of that one. Skip to main content. And Eddie, I hope you aren’t paying for gov’t controlled standards!

C Collins Radio Co. Web design and domain names by register.

We added the vendor ID ase because we could have several differnt vendors for the same part. We do this for all the standard notes and markings we need in our drawings. We are looking to mark Stainless Steel or Aluminum Manufacturers and suppliers of aviation and aerospace components often need to permanently mark parts both large and small for easy “cradle-to-grave” traceability.


Electrolitic Marking SB Rev. Dot peen and electrochemical marking solutions are most frequently employed by aerospace manufacturers. Michael, It seems like you are on the right track. You can not post a blank message. Fill out our easy quote request form and a representative will contact you. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. Please enter a title. It uses common terms and methods of ID that can be employed by anyone.