GATE. ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION Topicwise Solved Paper Year – By RK Kanodia & Ashish Murolia For more GATE Resources, Mock Test. April 10, at pm · Filed under GATE ·Tagged AIR-1, All India Rank 1 . The notations used in the problems from a, I think, are from the book .. this is mani from rank ante antha easy kaadu adi ECE words. 2 Nov gate guide ece version ee8a spring 3 alias = once you have logged into previous year solved paper by rk kanodia & ashish murolia.

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I applied for GRE. Good morning brother, iam getting tense day by day but today dec 16 early morning when i read your instructions and suggestions really i inspired and getting confidence. I was wondering if i should quit my job around september which would leave me with 6 months to prepare, meanwhile i keep preparing in the time i am back from office.

Exam Craze 1 September at The only problem was that no one was able to come up with a mechanism that might. Hello, I am really appreciate your ideas, I hope it will help me lot for further preparation, I really like your way of studying.

I thought I knew the concepts well, but in each class I would go wrong at least once. I want to do mtech very badly from one of these premier institutes. Have sufficient free time when you go for revisions. Slowly I began feeling uncomfortable about leaving my core studies Electronics. I would appreciate the thought of helping others by writing a blog for the aspirants of GATE.


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To tate up my skills and clear some of my doubts. How can i contact u. Or should i continue my job? Can you please tell me how was your experience at Ace and how is Gateforum classes in terms of their course content and training.

So why do you want to put extra one year in MS??

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The next day one of the professors from the ACE institute called me and asked me if had seen the results. Hi Sujith brother, This is Raj,preparing for gate using Kanodia.

I wanted to ask if at it is required to take coaching? I really thank my friends for their support when I was in Noida. But i am confused should I drop this year or take admission…No job in hand.

I 0213 among the 13 but not among the 2. Go through the lectures on op-amps and RLC circuits. Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree: My MS seat is not confirmed yet and have MTech as back-up. This time, i want single digit rank. Vl wait for ur reply. In the rest, I was confident that I could manage. Again at fourth year I had to manage a job.

Sir, I belong to Delhi.

A GATE AIR-1’s Preparation | Sujith Kumar B’s Blog

I m from instrumentation. I was willing to spend as much time as it would take.

Do my age would be a restriction in college counselling?? I think whatever suggestions one gives, the time and effort one spends totally depends the person and his level of understanding. In fact I did not even get time to solve the general aptitude questions those questions really filled pages. Only benefit of MS over M. Hi sujith, Have you ever felt that you are not going in the right direcon while you were preparing?


Any way, concepts have to be clear and manage your time perfectly. I checked my concepts on gnusim for Linux.

Actually I did not jump directly into the subject. You may not also derive them in the exam. These can be made kaanodia calling the small animal. I bought all the books needed and also bought a dry-erase board for doing rough work.

I was not even thinking of buying them and believe me, these were the most useful things throughout my journey.


Do you know any best coaching centre in chennai? Also please tell me where to look for practice questions for the above topics which are at par with the level of GATE because what i found was that in almost all standard books haykin,proakis etc. These tips and tricks are just amazing, I hope these tips will help my fellows, thanks for the blog and keep writing your experience in this blog.

So to know whether one will really be interested in research M.