This study dealt with the effect of the volume of drug cases before and after implementation of the Republic Act (RA) , otherwise known as the Dangerous. Republic Act No. , otherwise known as the Comprehensive. Dangerous Drugs Act of , provides that: “the State needs to enhance further the efficacy of. 28 Aug MANILA, Philippines – It is one of the Philippines’ main weapons against illegal drugs yet Republic Act or the Comprehensive Dangerous.

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Opium or morphine containing not more than reepublic. ProvidedThat in the case of medical practitioners and various professionals who are required to carry such equipment, instrument, apparatus and other paraphernalia in the practice of their profession, the Board shall prescribe the necessary implementing guidelines thereof. ProvidedThat where a criminal case is pending in court, such petition shall be filed in the said court. Sara Duterte says she’ll back dad’s choice View your profile page here OR Click close to continue.

Justice Peralta cites Congress debates on drug law vs De Lima

In view of the foregoing, the State needs to enhance further the efficacy of the law against dangerous drugs, it being one of today’s more serious social ills. The preliminary investigation of cases filed under this Act shall be terminated within a period of thirty 30 days from the date of their filing.

These stories made other people Check them repuvlic They shall be deemed persons in authority if they are in the school or repubkic its immediate vicinity, or even beyond such immediate vicinity if they are in attendance at any school or class function in their official capacity as school heads, supervisors, and teachers.

Should any dangerous drug be the proximate cause of the death of a person using the same in such den, dive or resort, the penalty of death and a axt ranging from One million P1, RA mandates the government to “pursue an intensive and unrelenting campaign against the trafficking and use of dangerous drugs and other similar substances.

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Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002

The proceeds of any sale or disposition of any property confiscated or forfeited under this Section shall be used to pay all proper expenses incurred in the proceedings for the confiscation, forfeiture, custody and maintenance of the property pending disposition, as well as expenses for publication and court costs. Pethidine intermediate A The unclaimed and forfeited prizes shall be turned over to the Board by the PCSO within thirty 30 days after these are collected and declared forfeited.

That’s why it got worse because the law was not properly implemented in the past year. A petition for the confinement of a person alleged to be dependent on dangerous drugs to a Center may be filed by any person authorized by the Board with the Regional Trial Court of the province or city where such person is found.

In any event, the order of discharge or order of confinement or commitment shall be issued not later than fifteen 15 days from the filing of the appropriate petition.

Select gender Male Female. The two 2 regular members shall be as follows: All income derived from these sources shall be part of the funds constituted as special funds for the implementation of this Act under Section Provided, That where the representative of an ex officio member or of the permanent consultant of the Board attends a meeting in behalf of the latter, such representative shall be entitled to receive the per diem.

Proceedings to reclassify, add, or remove a drug or other substance may be initiated by the PDEA, the DOH, or by petition from any interested party, including the manufacturer of a drug, a medical society or association, a pharmacy association, a public interest group concerned with drug abuse, a national or local government agency, or an individual citizen.


The existing secretariat of the Board shall be under the administrative control and supervision of the Executive Director.

Unnecessary Prescription of Dangerous Drugs. The Dangerous Rspublic Board shall give notice to the general public of the public hearing of the reclassification, addition to or removal from the list of any drug by publishing such notice in any newspaper of general circulation once a week for two 2 weeks.

View your profile page here OR Click close to continue. The programs initiated by the Center shall likewise be adopted in all public and private orphanage and existing special centers for street children.

Provided, howeverThat if the forfeited property is a vehicle, the same shall be auctioned off not later than reepublic 5 days upon order of confiscation or forfeiture. For purposes of this Act, all prescriptions issued by physicians, dentists, veterinarians or practitioners shall be written on forms exclusively issued by and obtainable from the DOH.

If you hold the funds, they will follow you but it’s not with me. Such instructions shall include:.

Justice Peralta cites Congress debates on drug law vs De Lima

Implementing Rules and Regulations. Inside the brain of a drug user Aug 19, – The two 2 deputies director general shall likewise be appointed by the President of the Philippines upon recommendation of the Board. The penalty twelve 12 years and one 1 day to twenty 20 years of imprisonment and a fine ranging gepublic One hundred thousand pesos P, AND the salts of the drugs listed in this Schedule whenever the formation of such salts is possible.