Oliverio Girondo Espantapajaros Tweety, Haiku, Menu, Photos, Literature, Frases , OLIVERIO GIRONDO – EL ESPANTAPAJAROS Mind Maps, Sayings, Menu. 11 Nov This particular film, Espantapájaros (Scrarecrow) is based on a short prose poem by Oliverio Girondo, the Argentine poet. Here is the original. Espantapajaros (al alcance de todos) (Spanish Edition) [Oliverio Girondo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. En Espantapajaros los.

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Around the year he began painting in the style espantapajarks surrealism, but he never published or sold any of these works. And here my attempt at an English translation — I could care less whether women have breasts like magnolias or raisins; whether their skin has the softeness of a peach or the harshness of sandpaper. I could care less whether women have breasts like magnolias or raisins; whether their skin has the softeness of a peach or the harshness of sandpaper.

Crime Novel Covers from Poland. Vintage Cuban Book Covers.


Espantapájaros (Scarecrow) « Ruminations in the Multiverse

Scarecrow gironfo first published as Espantapajaros Al alcance de todos in Buenos Aires in Book Covers of Manny Schongut.

The Night Spiders and Co.: Dedicated to you but you weren’t glistening. Voyage Fantastique – An illustrated guide to the body and mind. She has made a number of short animated films — cortometrajes. Venturous Vegetables at the Frolic Grounds.

In combating myself I can only report one bloody defeat after another. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please read my interview with Alter-Gilbert he talks about Girondo. Looking at William Mortensen. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

On the various contrivances by which orchids are fertilised by zombies, and on the good effects olivrio intercrossing.

Espantapájaros (Scarecrow)

I’m doing well with transistors and intricate electronic blocks. Farewell Notes of Japanese Literary Suicides.

South Asian book covers. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In the French rag and bone shop of the heart. I put my thing down, oliverip it and reverse it.


Oliverio Girondo Espantapajaros | Iliazd | Flickr

Oliverio Girondo Oliverio Girondo. An Ophidian Extravaganza part 2. Apes on a Horse and More Toys from the Void. Email Twitter Print Facebook.

May a spider’s foot sprout from each of your pores, may you find nourishment only in packs of worn cards and may sleep reduce you, like a steam roller, to the thickness of a photograph.

Trevor Winkfield on Raymond Roussel’s Names. Graphic Design in China in the s and 30s. Girondo’s works are the backbone of The Dark Side of the Hearta independent film directed by Eliseo Subielain which a poet strives to find the love of his life, defying Death’s constant interventions. Lord of the Flugornas: Jules Renard, translated by Richard Wilbur.

Extraordinary early 20th century book covers from Japan. Blanca Esteve is an animator and director from Barcelona, Spain.