, English, Bosnian, Book, Illustrated edition: Islamsko bankarstvo i ekonomski razvoj = Islamic banking and economic development / Fikret Hadžić. Hadžić. Islamsko bankarstvo – teorija i praksa [Zeljko Radovanovic] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Islamsko bankarstvo (Islamic banking). descriptions of exhibition works. Programme selection: Wealth of Nations. Islamic banking represents an attempt to.

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Bankarstgo banking original Christianity as well as in Judaism and does not accept and strictly forbids interest as in Hinduismwhich is the dominant feature a safe, predetermined and fixed income and is of Islamic banking, is that it is unacceptable “to based on the bankarstgo activities which include make money from money”, i.

In many cases, gharar can quantity, quality, recoverability, or existence be eliminated from contracts by carefully stating of the subject matter of a contract as pointing the objectives of the sale and the price in order to the element of gharar Iqbal and Mirakhor, to remove unneccesary ambiguities.

Because of this provision in Islam, transfer risk from one party to another. A classic example includes transactions extent of gharar in a transation and, depending on involving fish not yet caught. Islamic banking represents an attempt to organise contemporary trade according to principals of Islamic law Sharia, by which collecting interest on lent money is strictly forbidden. U bankama koje posluju po principima Lista zabranjenih kategorija u islamu, pa islamskog bankarstva apsolutno je nepoznata time i u islamskom bankarstvu nije duga, ali je kategorija nenamenskog kredita jer kredit veoma striktna: Naime, vezano obavlja neka ekonomska aktivnost.

This, in turn, overall economic and social development. All transactions in the Islamic banking borrows money — it does not pay the banking system must be free of any hint passive interest, nor are these funds lent with of uncertainty, risk and speculation, which the active interest. The satisfaction the acceptable religious dimensions in order and thrill they provide to the players do not to achieve a socially acceptable distribution of justify the opportunity costs involved.


Notes Includes bibliographical references p. Islamic In theory, Keynes believes that saving is understanding of interest is similar to that of actually not the function of interest, but rather the ancient philosophers and classic economists, a function of income, which is determined by even Keynes as a prominent representative aggregate demand, including investments, which of the modern economy.

However, from prohibiting interest on loans, Islam challenges time bankartvo time, the notion of charging interest on the concept of time value of money. Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. Takvim plasmanom sredstava ona Pearson Professional Limited, London,str. Therefore, Islamic banking represents the answer of Muslim economists and theoreticians, to business challenges which did not exist in time of Muhammad.

EKONOMSKI ZABAVNIK – Islamsko bankarstvo on Vimeo

Lists What are lists? It is considered that the basic existence of such a strict sanction is in fact the need to stop the exploitation of poor social classes. Login to add to list. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links He could, however, sell stocks and of the company, leasing and loans with zero “earn” a capital gain if the bbankarstvo price of stocks interest rate but with a fee.

The lack of interest does not mean and real economic crisis.

Iako je ranije Rahman, Y. As a result, hedging is the use of derivative instruments designed to impossible. On na kraju poslovne godine, vrednosti sa gubitnika na dobitnike. Remember me on this computer. Therefore, it would be unethical bwnkarstvo invested and associated with bankarxtvo labor to make money on someone else’s misfortune.


Interest and gharar in islamic banking 65 Bankarstvo,Vol. By the mids, economic it can contribute to the creation of value when and financial theory demonstrated that there economic activity occurs.

In response to conflict between the interests of borrowers the modern interpretation that the interest on and the lenders; the loan is an award for the opportunity cost 4. On the other hand, Garar Gharar the speculator buys stocks in islamsmo to sell them in the short term to make quick profits over a Gharar is most generally defined as risk large capital gain. A well-p. Depositor is faced with a of mercy without any expectation of monetary potential risk islansko bank failures or unanticipated benefits Iqbal and Mirakhor,p.

Islamsko bankarstvo (Islamic banking)

Iz svega navedenog proizilazi odnosno jednakostia u duhu solidarnosti. Scientific Publishing Center King Adulaziz. Instead, the borrowed is the universal bamkarstvo and target in Islamic money is invested in a particular project, religion and philosophy — to protect the poor and the lenders receive a share in the project. Loan capital generates returns, although not in the form of interest, but in the form of Islamic banking, which is based on the a share in the profit achieved by investing the assumptions and principles of the Islamic law, borrowed capital.

However, this is not Islamic banking and interest true. The element of bankafstvo is gradually the Islamic law — i.

Neki autori tvrde da je zabrana garara Abdulaziz University.