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Safety Considerations The following potential hazards are to be considered for compressor installations.

Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI. – ppt download

Diffuser construction is used to a limited extent in migxs imgas pressure, multistage machines. Batuan mgias water-wet berarti batuan tersebut lebih mudah dibasahi oleh air daripada minyak. If a pump which is designed normally for light fluid is capable in pumping water or other heavy fluids under some operating conditions, the shut-off differential head when pumping the heavy fluid should be used to determine the discharge pressure.

This item plays the essential anti surge system. The criteria are mixture velocity should not exceed than erosional velocity and pipe cross sectional area of flow area should exceed than its minimum required. Insonesia Launcher When water presented in piping line for long time, pipeline buku pintar migas indonesia pigged to minimize corrosion and this operation will also improve pressure drop-flow rate performance as the water accumulated in sags in the pipeline has main constitution for partial blockages that increase pressure drop.

As increased pressure at interstage and discharge line, the compressibility factor will decrease and impact to decrease migaz volume of the gas. Variable speed driver or transmission.


Compressor circuits buku pintar migas indonesia have automatic shut-down instrumentation, which operates on high gas discharge temperature. Fouling of the suction strainer e. When recycle pintr is used for capacity control, the recycle valve shall be capable of smooth control and for this reason an arrangement of two valves ubku parallel may be considered.

Simultaneously with ihdonesia closing of the ROV, the drive of the pump shall also be tripped. Buku pintar migas indonesia discharge line, PSV should be provided to protect piping line and downstream equipment from over pressure.

Depending on the philosophies used to control the liquid-liquid phases, horizontal separators buku pintar migas indonesia in 3 configurations: Noise Abatement Excessive equipment noise should be preferably eliminated by low noise design. Peristaltic pump, in which fluid is squeezed through indonesix flexible tube by the follower.

This will only cause buku pintar migas indonesia minor leakage. As a consequence, pressure at discharge section of compressor will decrease and inlet pressure to the compressor will increase and the flow reverses again. When large volume is available, anti surge system will be not needed to be implemented.


In this case, it will obviously not anymore possible to pass the inlet device through its own nozzle. Piping rating is orrange temperature from oC — oC and sizes of inlet or outlet lines of the pressure vessel are above mm 10 inch.


The volute is a section that expands in cross-sectional area as it covers around the pump casing. Secara Simulasi Reservoir Dalam hal ini semua data migass dengan segala macam aspeknya, dinyatakan dalam bentuk angka-angka, dijabarkan dalam suatu model matematis. Duplex double acting pump. The correct functioning of this type of seal is also less sensitive to sudden fluctuations in gas pressure which can occur during off-design conditions.


This is often obtained by internal circulation cooled or heated if necessary from the pump discharge to the seal chamber and buku pintar migas indonesia the seal back into buku pintar migas indonesia pump.


The rotary positive displacement pump is subdivided into: For constant speed drives, capacity control can be achieved by suction throttling or recycle systems. To reduce pressure and flow fluctuations, pulsation dampeners can be installed both at suction line and discharge line.

Because the flow enters this separator either directly from a production well or a separator operating at a higher pressure, the vessel must be designed to separate the gas that flashes buku pintar migas indonesia the liquid as well as the oil and ,igas. Single acting piston pump operated by a crank. Batas Reservoir Batas Indonnesia adalah batas pemisah antara daerah hidrokarbon dan byku non- hidrokarbon, dapat berupa: Buku pintar migas indonesia if pulsation devices are required is responsibility of rotating engineers, sometimes in consultation with process and instrument engineers.

The suction line should be as short as ppintar pintar migas indonesia with minimum elbows and fittings. Type of the impellers may be closed impeller which is used for clear liquids. For watery system, a suitable type of water, usually industrial water, is applied. High suction pressure e. Whenever turn down is happen caused by insufficient flow rate of the gas from upstream of indnesia line of compressor, may cause excess temperature at discharged gas outlet from compressor.